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We turn your vision into reality.

From web design to SEO, social media marketing to content creation, we provide a wide range of digital services to meet every online need. The integrated approach ensures a consistent brand presence across all digital channels. The company promotes open communication and collaboration with clients, actively involving them throughout the process and valuing their input and feedback to tailor the strategy to their needs.


Web Conferences
We conduct web conferences, fully interactive meetings that take place in real time via the Internet, webinars, and webcasts (in which audio and video content are transmitted in one-way mode).
Training in VR
Our state-of-the-art "Virtual Reality" training solutions offer a unique and immersive approach to training, enabling individuals and companies to achieve exceptional results.
Digital marketing
Our digital marketing experts harness the power of online platforms to effectively reach your target audience. We offer services in SEO, social media marketing, content marketing and more.
Metaverse Space
Our space in the Metaverse enables real-time collaboration in virtual environments. Whether your team is distributed around the world or working remotely, the Metaverse fosters fluid and interactive teamwork.
Management of abstracts
We simplify the complex process of submitting and reviewing abstracts for conferences, events, and academic meetings, ensuring a smooth experience for both organizers and participants.
Experience in Augmented Reality
Our Augmented Reality Service allows you to explore the exciting world of augmented reality and experience a new dimension of interactive digital content.

Get to know
our space

Health Polis is a virtual space conceived, designed and developed by iDea Group. It is a virtual and immersive environment for on-demand or live streaming events, where guests can select events of interest to them and move around as if they were attending a physical event. This platform can accommodate up to 10,000 connected people, allowing them to follow speeches, interact with sponsors and other participants, and participate in gamification and award activities. Once in the hall, it is possible to move around the convention center to reach the halls, poster area, exhibition area, and other interactive spaces. In addition, a certificate of attendance can be downloaded at the end of the visit. Health Polis can be customized for any type of event.